Friday 19 Dec 2014
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 We can assist you with all aspects of corporate and commercial law including incorpora...

Criminal Law

If you are facing a potential and or alleged ciminal law matter, your freedom is our number ...

Military Law

Military Law is the substantive body of law, which defines the rights, authority, obligation...

Real Estate

Our office offers primarily services in the following residential and commercial Real Estate...

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  • Real Estate

Welcome to McKöena Law

Thank you for considering our services. McKöena Law is established on a very simple basic principle of providing you with a complete suite of legal services and client care when it matters the most.

Most of us seek legal services and support when we are faced with life challenges; including establishing a stable and sustainable support structures for the eventualities that occurs as we pursue our daily activities in life.

Whether you are faced with unanticipated legal matter or seeking to minimize future risk in any transactional endeavour, McKöena Law Office is ready to assist you with your specific legal needs and offer you the support you require to continue with your activities.

Initial Consultation

In order for us to determine if we can help you, we offer potential clients a initial consultation of up to 30 minutes at a discounted rate. This is our way of determining if we can help you with your problem. During that time we listen to your problem and we discuss the various options that are open to you.

This initial consultation will also give you an idea of the cost involved (our hourly rate, disbursements and other costs). At our first 30-minute meeting we will not yet be retained by you. There will not yet be a lawyer-client relationship. We are not offering free legal advice but simply helping you determine whether or not you require our assistance. Retained or not, however, our communications are always confidential. After the 30 minutes are up, you will determine whether or not we are the right lawyers to represent your interests, and whether or not you are comfortable with us personally. If you decide that you want to use our legal services to deal with your problem -- together, we will enter into a solicitor-client relationship through a retainer process.

Call us now at +1 (613) 695 - 6529 or click here to make appointment with our office.